Oak Park Health Leader Wins National Award From Community Health Charities Of America

(CHICAGO - May 14, 2007) – William R. Heffernan, president of Employee Resource Systems, Chicago, was named Volunteer of the Year by Community Health Charities of America (CHC), a federation of America's premier health organizations. The award was announced at the 2007 Annual Meeting and Community Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas. Heffernan, chair of the Community Health Charities of Illinois, was recognized for his demonstrated leadership, commitment, volunteer excellence, and his significant contributions to the CHC mission.

During his three terms as Board chairman, Heffernan, of Oak Park, Ill., engineered an upgrade in the volunteer board and overhauled the management structure resulting in $6 million in funds for the 39 Illinois member charities.

Heffernan accepted the award before an audience of member-charity executives, corporate campaign sponsors, volunteers, and professional personnel from the 38 state CHC affiliates. Heffernan said that his participation in CHCI had taken on new meaning when, in the middle of his leadership tenure, he was personally diagnosed with cancer. .

"I came to appreciate firsthand the importance of the funds raised to help patients and work toward cures," he added. He thanked Barbara Boden, CHCI president, for nominating him for the award, and his wife Julie and their two children, ages 9 and 15, for encouraging his community service.


Heffernan, whose company provides employee assistance programs (EAP), urges employers to consult CHCI's experts on the benefits their companies will derive from workplace giving programs and the convenience of "one-stop" health support.

CHC is the nation's leading non-profit focused on addressing health and philanthropic issues in the workplace. It works in partnership with 48 of America's premier health organizations to raise charitable contributions in the workplace. Community Health Charities of Illinois (CHCI) participates in the campaigns of the federal government, the state of Illinois, over 40 local governments, and over 60 corporations. CHCI represents 39 premier health care agencies in Illinois.

CHCI manages workplace giving programs for such leading health agencies as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Alzheimer's Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Arthritis Foundation, the March of Dimes, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and 33 others. The organization distributes close to $2 million annually for local health research, education and patient services.

CHCI can be reached at info@healthcharitiesillinois.org or 312.360.0382. Visits are also invited to http://www.healthcharitiesillinois.org/ to learn about volunteering to raise money for medical research, patient services and health education.



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