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Dedicated to the care, protection, and preservation of sight, ISPB programs stress education, eye safety, information and research.

Facts and Statistics
More than 2.2 Million Americans age 40 and older have glaucoma.

90% of eye injuries can be avoided by following proper precautions. Anyone playing sports should wear safety glasses, goggles and/or face masks/helmets that are appropriate for the sport.

Health Tips
These ABC's tell you that a child's eyes need examination by an eye doctor.


  • eyes that cross, turn in or out or move independently of one another . . . all of the time, part of the time or when the child is tired
  • red or crusted, drooping or swollen eyelids, frequent styes or watering
  • pupils or eyes of different sizes


  • closing an eye or covering it . . . squinting, frowning, blinking, rubbing or squeezing the eyes trying to see
  • holding reading or writing materials in unusual positions . . . too close . . . too far. . . or tilted oddly
  • turning the head to use one eye
  • trouble keeping place reading
  • tripping, stumbling or daydreaming excessively
  • avoiding visual concentration


  • eye pain, headaches or nausea
  • blurriness or inability to see
  • words that "move" or "jump"
  • double vision

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