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Children's Memorial Hospital is dedicated to the health and well-being of all children. As the pediatric teaching facility of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, this commitment drives us to be a leader in:

Pediatric health care delivery

Research into the prevention, causes and treatment of diseases that affect children

Education for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals

Advocacy for the general well-being of all children.

As a charitable organization, we serve children and their families to the best of our abilities and the limits of our resources.

Facts and Statistics
Children Served: 94,137
Inpatient Admissions: 9,089
Outpatient Visits: 334,465
Observation: 4,294
Surgical Procedures 14,409
Radiology Procedures 37,008

Staffed with top pediatric specialists and award-winning nurses, we are Illinois' only freestanding hospital exclusively for kids.

With 1,100 pediatric specialists focusing on 70 specialties in multiple locations Children's Memorial routinely provides more care to more young people than any other Chicago-area hospital or medical center.

We're also consistently ranked as Illinois' top pediatric hospital and one of the nation's best by U.S News & World Report.

Licensed for 270 beds, Children's Memorial cares for the most critically ill kids. In fact, our Case Mix Index (used as a severity measure) shows we are one of the country's top five children's hospitals who consistently care for very sick children.

We invested nearly $72,4 million in community benefit programs, including $27,5 million in charity and uncompensated care for children on Medicaid, in fiscal year 2004.

The Children's Memorial Research Center, is one of the nation's premier centers for pediatric research, investing more dollars and resources in pediatric research than any other area hospital

We have one of the country's most sought-after pediatric residency programs, serving as the primary pediatric teaching hospital of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.

Through our advocacy programs, we focus on violent injury prevention, unintentional injury prevention, HIV/AIDS, chronic illnesses, parenting education, youth mentoring and access to care.

To support hospitalized children and their families emotionally, socially and developmentally, Children's Memorial's Family Services offers a wide range of creative and educational programs, activities and resources, many of which are supported by philanthropy.

Inside the hospital, the Janice and Kimberly Brown Family Life Center offers inpatients and their families a quiet refuge to be together outside the patient's room and benefit from the healing powers of family love. The center offers age-appropriate activities and resources for people of all ages, including a business center for parents and the Liz and Jules Stiffel Atrium Play Area.

Health Tips
One dedicated toll-free telephone number (1.800.KIDS DOC) is staffed by pediatric nurses who help parents find an appropriate physician, schedule appointments, get directions and learn more about hospital programs, services and specialties.

Fundraising & Administrative Percentage

Olivia Burnett�s near-fatal fall left her life in the hands of our experts

Olivia Burnett�s smile is a very real reminder to her parents, Michael and Leanne, of the gift of life. Olivia was just two-and-a-half years old when she fell from a second floor balcony in the family�s home while climbing to reach a Christmas stocking. After an ambulance ride through blizzard, she reached Children�s Memorial Hospital�s Emergency Room. Tests indicated severe brain injury, and surgery was performed immediately.

�After I OK�d the surgery, I asked my husband to phone everyone in our address book and ask them to start praying for her. People did, and the word spread,� said Olivia�s mom Leanne.

While in the operating room, a hospital chaplain comforted Olivia�s parents and stayed with them throughout the weeks ahead. Olivia spent nine days on life support in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit . With her survival in question, doctors from neurosurgery and intensive care worked together to save Olivia, while nurses made her comfortable, monitored her vital signs and continually kept her parents informed of her progress.

�Everyone in this city should be aware of what a jewel we all have in Children�s Memorial Hospital,� says Leanne. �Surgeons were called in from their warm homes and operated on Olivia with amazing skill and compassion. The nurses were remarkably committed; several of them worked shift after shift due to the blizzard, when others could not make it through from the suburbs.�

Olivia�s sister, Annalise, visited her throughout her hospital stay, and her parents took turns spending the night with her. For many days, she was unresponsive and unable to speak. But one day, when Annalise put on a puppet show, Olivia reached for the puppets. Finally, she was on her way to recovery. She braved weeks of physical therapy, relearning to walk until she was able to return to the life she knew months earlier.

Today, Olivia is a happy, inquisitive third-grader who loves to read and send funny E-mail messages to her friends. Olivia and her family are looking forward to spending Christmas together and healthy this year�thanks to Children�s Memorial.



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