What are CHC�s overhead costs?

Community Health Charities of Illinois (CHC) is proud of our low fundraising and administrative cost: 7.2%. Our audit, IRS 990 and annual report are available by calling CHC at (800) 299-6842 or emailing CHC at info@healthcharitiesillinois.org.

Is it difficult for an employer to conduct a CHC campaign?

NO! Running a CHC campaign is easy and free of charge. CHC provides the necessary materials, including pledge cards, brochures and publicity items and CHC will help you organize your campaign theme and kick-off. Once the campaign is over, CHC handles all the distribution of funds per the employees� designations.

Can we add CHC to our United Way campaign?

Absolutely! Many companies are responding to their employees� wishes for more charitable choices than the social service agencies funded through the United Way. CHC is a natural addition because CHC funds medical research, health education and patient services. Many CHC campaigns are run in conjunction with the United Way.

Will adding CHC have a negative impact on funds raised for the United Way?

A well-organized campaign that promotes employee involvement and giving should increase donations for all participating charities. When donors are given more choices, more choose to give.

How do donors know where their money goes?

CHC encourages donors to designate their gift to the charity of their choice. Designations are always honored. Donors can request an acknowledgement for their donation from the designated agency.

Why should we start a workplace giving program when our company encourages employees to give on their own?

That's admirable, but workplace giving campaigns allow contributors to give conveniently, spreading their gift throughout the year. A payroll deduction gift is generally 4-6 times higher than a one-time cash contribution. This is truly an employee benefit. It also enhances an employer's stature in the charitable community since workplace giving is the most effective and efficient way to raise needed not-for-profit dollars.

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