Why Giving at Work Makes Sense

Many Americans choose to give through workplace giving programs by directing a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice, making it the most effective and efficient form of fundraising.

Benefits to Employers

  • Community Image: Employer is seen as a community partner who raises needed funds for important causes
  • Employee Morale: Employees feel good when given a choice in charitable giving
  • No-Cost Employee Benefit: Employees receive an extra benefit without increasing employer expenditures

Benefits to Employees

  • Choice: Employees can designate their gift to a charity that is important to them
  • Convenience: Employees sign up annually and their gift is spread throughout the year, making it possible to give a larger gift
  • Confidence: CHC annually reviews its charities for public accountability

Benefits to Participating Charities

  • Fundraising: Workplace giving is the most efficient & effective fundraising method
  • Awareness: Over 1 million employees in Illinois have the opportunity to give to the charity through workplace giving
  • Volunteerism: CHC alerts employers to event and volunteer opportunities



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