CHC Story


Community Health Charities of Illinois is the result of a merger in 1998 between two separate non-profit organizations, the Illinois Council of Voluntary Health Agencies (ICVHA) and National Voluntary Health Agencies of Illinois (NVHA). The organization has a long track record of proven service on behalf of its member charities and our employer partners. Community Health Charities of Illinois is a local affiliate of a national organization, Community Health Charities, which is composed of 39 affiliates.


Today, Community Health Charities of Illinois participates in over 60 corporate campaigns, the Federal government's campaign, the State of Illinois and over 40 local government campaigns. Community Health Charities of Illinois represents 39 premier health care agencies in Illinois. In the 2006 fiscal year, our organization raised $1,859,346 for our members and other affiliated non-members.


Community Health Charities is a growing organization. We continue to expand as more employers recognize their employees' desire for more choice in work place charitable giving programs. Additionally, the positive experience employers have with our program - and our commitment to continuously pursuing our mission - contributes to our growth. Community Health Charities of Illinois has set, and intends to reach, the aggressive goal of passing the $3 million mark by the end of 2007.



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